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Join us for an amazing volunteer experience that is guaranteed to offer a reciprocal blessing to both you and  change lives of homeless families in Atlanta!  No skill is required, but you must bring a joyful heart.  Come sand, prime, paint, hammer, paste and design an old container and transform it into a beautiful home.





Imagine Me Academy's vision is to see homeless children  strengthened with literacy skills and become educationally competitive with children who live in stable housing.

Even prior to covid-19, Imagine Me Academy desires to close the educational gap, lost through homelessness.  To launch a play and learn environment, inclusive of a tutorial lab and virtual learning center to empower children who have experienced homelessness, abuse and educational deficit.  To multiply our efforts to empower 1,000 homeless children by 2025.  To engage retired teachers and offer them the opportunity to use their teaching gifts freely.



As Gods representatives here on earth, it is our job to respond to the call of duty concerning homeless people, families and teenagers. (Matthew 25:34-40).  Many times Christians are overwhelmed, under-prepared or just not capable of dealing with the high emotional demands that come with the stranger on our doorstep, in our congregation or on the corner pleading for help.  All we know is we love the Lord, we love people, and we want to do right by the homeless visitor...but what do we do?

Since 1996, Pastor Anita has been the Founder and Executive Director of one of the largest homeless shelters in Atlanta. For more than two and a half decades she has been fulfilling the great commission by serving the least of these through emergency food, shelter, clothing, rehabilitation, childcare, education and faith based services. She has worked with thousands of volunteers and hundreds of churches and companies to ease the tension of helping with referral services, emergency shelter placement, clothing, food and more.  We welcome you to join this humanitarian effort by volunteering or making a charitable donation. 

MISSION 1 "Kingdom Mission"

It is the goal of Anita Lane Ministries, to teach our model to every church in Georgia until homelessness is eradicated. We believe it is a spiritual assignment, not a financial one nor governmental one.  Contact us today for a telephone consultation and  30 minute Church Leadership Training that will empower your leaders for the Glory of God.



Homelessness is the lack or loss of support systems. Teenagers struggling with homelessness may have lost one or more of the following necessities: family, income, health, friends. The church can meet that need for support by case management and sending that lost teen to our facility for immediate housing and stability.  Learn more by contacting us today or downloading our                   

                  HOMELESS TOOL KIT


Did you know employees who volunteer through work have a more positive attitude toward their employer?  People who volunteer report better physical and emotional health and volunteering gives people a purpose, a more positive outlook on life and are less likely to experience isolation and despair!  Learn how you can lead your company through humanitarian giving and build a stronger team.







Mentor Me Atlanta

Teenagers and young adults who move out on their own for the first time may find it beneficial to learn basic life skills to help them live confidently.

Learning independent skills can also allow people to work autonomously and feel more positive about their life choices. Understanding how to develop independent living skills can prepare you to live on your own.

Our mentoring program pairs an Ambassador with a Mentee, purposing to help the mentee find their voice, become emboldened, and have an ear to listen to.

Here we discuss what independent living skills are, why they're important, and 13 independent skills to consider developing.

What Are Independent Living Skills

Independent living skills are behaviors and knowledge required for a person to live successfully on their own. These skills allow people to make properly informed decisions and take care of themselves properly. There are several categories of independent living skills, such as:

  • Personal care, which includes dressing, grooming and practicing good hygiene
  • Personal organization, which includes tracking items and managing time
  • Food preparation, which includes cooking, buying necessities and storing food properly
  • Clothing care, which includes doing laundry, sorting clothes and buying new attire
  • Money management, which includes learning to save, budget and invest money properly
  • Home maintenance, which includes maintaining a lawn and garden and fixing basic things in a home

Why are independent skills important?

Independent skills are important because they help people live on their own, earn an income, and care for their health. They allow people to depend on themselves for shelter, food, and a job. Developing a sense of independence can empower people and give them a sense of confidence and purpose. Independent living skills may also help people find a routine that works for them and their lives.

52 Modules on Life Skills 

Each student assigned an Ambassador is responsible for completing 52 mini-modules pertaining to life skills.

These modules are 2-5 minute videos that explain each principle.  Once the module has been viewed, the student must share an interesting fact from the module and post it in the comment section.

Your Ambassador will then verify completion and respond to your post.  Once 52 modules have been completed, then the mentor is granted a stipend, a trip, and a dinner.  

Prepare Healthy Meals

Preparing healthy meals is an essential independent skill to develop because it can help you save money and improve your overall health. Consider learning basic cooking skills that you can apply to several meals, such as boiling water, chopping food properly, and following simple recipes. If you learn how to meal prep and save leftovers, you can cook one meal to eat for several days, which may help you save money. Cooking your meals may also improve your overall health because you can choose your ingredients and portions.

Shop for groceries on a budget

Learning how to shop for groceries can help you save money and prepare meals at home. Before going to the grocery store, take an inventory of what's in your kitchen and list any essentials you need to buy. As you learn more about what foods you use and how much you eat during a week, you may remember what items to purchase during future visits. Here are a few tips to help you grocery shop on a budget: Purchase nonperishable items, Purchase perishable items in an amount you plan to eat,  Buy vegetables and fruits that are in season, And use paper or digital coupons.


We love helping leaders navigate both the challenges and opportunities of leading the homeless out of poverty and into stability through grace and wisdom. Contact us for a free consultation and watch your congregation flourish.